The Fly-Errant

Chris Noonan
Sep 9, 2022

A Haiku Bouquet

Taken by the author while sitting on the floor.

A trapped fly buzzes
Against a dusty window
Shall I set it free?

With cupped hands, I wait
And stare at the world outside
Shooing a lost fly.

Taken by the author while waiting for the fly.

Clusters of seed heads
Heavy on the sycamore~
The fly is resting.

Shaking flightless wings
Chattering on the warm breeze
Whispering, begin.

Downy feathers float
On hidden breaths of air~
The fly and I watch.

A petal comes loose
From the orchid on the sill
It is left untouched.

Leaping to the air
The fly passes out the window~
I am left one.

© Chris Noonan

Thank you for reading.