The Baleful Eye

A Poem

Chris Noonan
1 min readAug 9, 2021
Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

A gleaming light draws near,
Shifting shadows of diaphanous silk
Held within becoming clear,
Beads of colour falling into milk,
A great eye appears slowly formed,
Legends foretold within its iris,
Of an age, before the first temple was stormed,
And the only humans lived in bliss,
In bountiful subjugation,
Servants of a greater being,
Before there ever was a nation,
When existence was truly freeing,
Lives long since forgotten,
Their bones crumbled and decayed,
And their roads no longer trodden,
Their memory betrayed,
The eye sees and knows all,
Of the world contained within its sphere,
From the beginning to the fall,
And it returns when the end is near,
To fix existence with its glare,
Bringing an end to time’s stream,
Entrancing all with its stare,
And returning life to the milky dream,
That swirls around its eye.

© Chris Noonan
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