Muddy Seas

Chris Noonan
Feb 17, 2022


A Poem

Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash

In my dreams there is mud
Acres of dark brown earth
Churned by wheels,
An endless procession of industry
Cutting, slicing, severing roots
No corner left to be.

In my mind the ground is fallow
Any thoughts only shallow things
No light reaching depths
Nor worms bringing life
An empty barren land left to wait.

Frost does the work
Breaking clumps
Frozen tendrils, fingers digging in, delving deep
Uncovering burials in fields once home to more than man
Women worked this land,
With ox and board
Children on the hip
Now its an empty place
A void once filled with sound
Resounding with laughter
Love folded into ground.

When spring arrives
How will it find us?