Light’s Thoughtless Gift

A Haiku Bouquet

Chris Noonan


Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Dawn’s light kissing skin
With delicate dappled touch
Enveloping warmth.

A thousand leaves sway
Drawn closer by yawning breath
Lungs within and out.

Motes dance in the gaps
Left by beating pigeon’s wing
Thoughtless gift of flight.

Squirrel stops mid branch
To stare upon the sitter
They would rather climb.

Promises of rain
But the sun will always shine
Glowing from within.

Twittering we awake
Our beaks begin to chatter
What songs will we sing?

© Chris Noonan
Today I have to walk a little further to reach my hidden garden. The village where I normally start my walk is closed. Who closes a village? But that’s okay, I get to deal with sheep rather than cows and the surprise bull. The surprise being that you don’t know it’s there until you’re halfway through the field and you get the feeling of being watched by a tank. Walk slow, don’t look it in the eye. Sheep I can handle and the lambs are little clouds scattering in my path.