In Memory of Snow

A cold haiku bouquet

Chris Noonan
Dec 12, 2022
Taken by author before he nearly froze to death and had to be rescued by the dog. Who knew an aging retriever could drag a fully grown adult across a field, sit him in front of the fire, and make him a cup of tea? Hurrah for dogs, be they little or small, even the yappy ones.

Falling flakes of snow
Dove feathers lost in flight
Softly in my hand.

Fleeting in their touch
Drifting flakes caress bare cheeks
Banished by their love.

Branches etched in snow
Swoop toward the frozen earth~
Life seems so simple.

Icy clumps slip free
To slide down open collars~
Embracing the breath.

Foot prints cross in depth
Echoes of last nights dog walk
Loyalties true weight.

Melted by the warmth
Of a gently exhaled breath~
Tender is the snow.

Thank you for reading.