A Rivers Rest

Chris Noonan
Sep 8, 2022


A Haiku Bouquet

Photo by Martín Saenz on Unsplash

Shingle rolls in waves
Lapping at the water’s edge
Eroding at my dreams.

Long-legged herons stalk
In shallows where children play~
Minnows splash and shriek.

Pinned by chosen rocks
Towels cushion bronzing bodies~
Knuckles for a bed.

Wide flat stones worn smooth
Relentless rivers roving~
Wet feet in the sun.

Curved wings hold the air
Skimming over swimmer’s heads~
Sharp beaks slice the waves.

Warmed by backward sun
Hunches ease and fade away~
On the rivers run.

© Chris Noonan

Thank you for reading.